which is one of China's top 10 steel structure brands and main business

China Steel new material

Xiamen Shengqian Steel Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the top ten steel structure brands in China. Its main business is the production, sales, and service of steel structure product series.

The company takes assisting the development of the industry as its own responsibility and aims to build a national brand. At the same time, it focuses on green steel structures and extends to environmentally friendly building materials and construction. It is based in Xiamen, Fujian, radiates across the country and the world, and is committed to bringing customers suitable products. Partners achieve win-win cooperation and lead the industry on the road to standardization.

We are not only in Steel Purlins, C Purlins, Z Purlins,
Steel Coils, Prepainted Steel Coils, Galvanized Coil, Sandwich Panels, EPS Sandwich Panels, PU Sandwich Panels, Rock Wool, Sandwich Panels, EPS Cement Sandwich Panels, Floor Decking Sheet, Composite Floor Deck, Floor Decking, Cladding Steel Sheets, Roof Cladding, Wall Cladding, Prefabricated Steel Houses, Steel House, Steel Warehouse, Modular Homes, and other products strive for excellence in quality and continue to pursue excellence in service and innovation. Create greater value for customers. Whether now or in the future, we will make unremitting efforts to provide customers with the highest-quality steel structure and intelligent solutions.

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Customized Australian rock wool sandwich panels
Sinosteel New Materials

Xiamen Shengqian Steel Technology Co., Ltd. is an experienced manufacturer of customized steel structure products. With 25 years and 300,000 square meters of building materials workshop, more than 600 people in 10 branches follow strict quality management and attach great importance to our after-sales service. We can customize the machine design according to your needs and analyze the data to provide you with professional suggestions. The process of customizing steel structure products is as follows:

Technical discussions

We will provide detailed quotations and all technical data for each C/Z purlin, Australia-type Rockwool sandwich panel production line according to customer needs.

Mechanical Design

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Production Plan

Delivery time is strictly controlled and production will be managed by our experienced managers and technicians.

Assembly work

Before assembly, we will arrange QC to measure all processed parts according to the drawings and conduct strict inspection during the assembly process. Make sure you meet the requirements.

Machine trial run

After assembly, we will conduct follow-up testing for outline dimensions and surface inspection. Once completed, the machine’s capacity must be fully tested according to the customer’s needs.

container loading

C/Z purlin, Australia-type rockwool sandwich panels and other products are carefully inspected, cleaned and packed before loading. Fixed inside the container.

Featured Products

Our factory focuses on the production, research, and development of steel structure products, such as Australia-type rockwool sandwich panels, C/Z purlin, and other products that are used in factories, mobile homes, roofs, etc. We provide customers with targeted, customized services and provide personalized solutions according to customer needs to meet the different needs of customers.

China steel new material a Glance

We are an ISO 9001-approved company and have European CE certification (issued by SGS). Meanwhile, we are the main drafter of China steel structure projects manufacturer and exporter of high-quality steel structures in China.

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Years Industry Experience
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More Than People
square meters of factory building

Xiamen Shengqian Steel Technology company company has one powerful team,which can provide customers with full set service.

Before sales,we will have professional sales team to offer you comprehensive product details,and offer you feasible scheme for your steel structure projects,installation advice,technology supports,etc.

After confirmation,we will have one professional team for costing and confirm you one best price.

After sales,our people will follow up the delivery and check with customer if there is anything else we can do.

Experienced technical Representatives are able to advise you on pricing and delivery requirements. Our pricing is competitive, and we ask only for the opportunity to provide a price for your next project.

Our service — SQGP


Explore China Steel Tech’s commitment to green steel structures, prefab homes, and landmark projects. Transforming industries with eco-friendly solutions. 

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Discover the cutting-edge use of sandwich panels at Jiujiang International Financial Center. Unveiling architectural brilliance and sustainability

Kunming Porsche 4S Store

Step into elegance at the Kunming Porsche 4S Store. Explore the innovative use of sandwich panels, blending luxury and sustainability seamlessly.

Perfab houses project in Australia

Explore the charm of prefab houses in Australia. Dive into our project, where innovation meets architectural elegance. Your dream home awaits!

Steel structure factory in China

Explore innovation and precision at our steel structure factory in China. Crafting quality structures for a sustainable future

Steel structure factory in Tailand

Explore the innovation at our steel structure factory in Thailand. Quality, durability, and precision come together for your construction needs

Prefab house in Russia

Discover the allure of prefab living in Russia. Dive into our prefab house project, where comfort meets innovation. Your dream home journey begins!

our strength:

1、ISO-certified manufacturer of clean room
2、25 years experience in the manufacturing of sandwich panel
3、various honors, certificates, and patents. 4、advanced equipments and high-quality inspection
5、experienced team of more than 10 years
6、zero complaints for product quality
7、sufficient capacity
8、Product usage: walls, ceilings, doors, windows for clean room projects like hospital, medicine, pharmacy, food, beverages, cosmetics, labs, electronics, etc.

If you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss a customized order, please feel free to contact us.