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Galvanized steel C purlins have equal flanges and may be used in single spans and unlapped continuous spans in multi-bay buildings. Their freestanding stable shape allows easy handling and storage and is easily adapted for use in small and medium sized buildings as structural framework.

Purlin Type: C purlin
Height: 80,100,120,140,160,180,200,220
Thickness: 1.0mm — 3.0mm
Material: Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Sheet

Our steel C purlins are roll-formed from Hi-Tensile Galvanised steel. They are primarily used to provide lightweight, economical, efficient roofing and cladding support systems for framed structures. Our hot dip galvanized purlins are available in a range of different sizes and configurations.As the purlins are pre-punched in our factory, they are quick to install and suitable for both insulated and uninsulated roofs and walls.

Galvanized C Purlins can be pre-punched in our factory. This makes construction on-site faster and easier. Please contact us for additional information about the pre-punching possibilities.
(1). Design according to customers’ requirements
(2). Manufacture under complete quality control system—ISO9001
(3). Installation with instruction of experienced engineers
(4). Easy to assemble and dismantle
(5). Eco-friendly material: Can be used for several times and can be recycled
(6). Shorter construction period, longer using time
(7). High strength and stiffness, high weight bearing.

1,Industrial construction
2,Hall and warehouse construction
3,Extension construction and renovation
4,Agricultural projects


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