Rockwool Metallic Sandwich Panel for building house /prefab house

Rockwool metallic sandwich panel is one kind of high level fireproof insulated sandwich panels,which is usually used for steel buildings,such as factories,container houses,prefab houses,clean room,etc.

Rockwool Metallic Sandwich Panel

1.What’s rock wool sandwich panels?

Rock wool sandwich panel is using rock wool as core material,and then combined with steel sheets.Rock wool metallic sandwich panels give full play to the unique performance of fireproof, thermal insulation, sound-absorbing sound and so has a significant effect,because rock wool as core material.

The disadvantage of rock wool sandwich panel  is not strong enough,but still suitable for steel structures, simple activities of the roof, walls, air clean room ceiling and partition and other locations

2.Rock wool insulated panel advantages:

1)Excellent fireproof performance:Rockwool metallic sandwich panels using raw materials, production technology and formulation, it has good fire performance. Tests have shown that it has a fire resistance of over 1000 ° C. Rockwool sandwich panel has passed the test of GLOROANO SPA, an authority in Italy. According to the standards of International Organization for Standardization (ISO), British BS and German DIN, the rockwool sandwich plate meets the fire protection standard of M.I14 / 09/61 And DM30 / 11/83 requirements. The test results are as follows:

50mm thick rockwool sandwich panel RE130 80mm thick rockwool sandwich panel REL60 100mm thick rockwool sandwich panel REL 120

2) Good thermal insulation: rockwool thermal insulation performance is based on the thermal conductivity of rock wool = 0.043W / ㎡ K as the basis, calculated with the corresponding proportion of rock wool core thickness.

3) Sound absorption insulation effect is remarkable:

Sound insulation: Rock wool sandwich panels have a significant reduction of noise transmission, especially for the designated flight through the place. In addition, the use of rock wool roofing panels, rain, hail on the roof of the building caused by the impact of indoor steel sound, but also significantly weakened. Pass the test, according to ISO 717/82 and UNI 8270/7 standards, the density of 120kg / m rock wool core material for the sandwich panel, the sound insulation effect can reach RW = 29-30 dB

Sound absorption: Rockwool sandwich plate also has excellent attraction, it can absorb a wider range of frequency sound. According to ISO 35/85 standard,and rock wool sandwich panels sound-absorbing performance level reached DELTA LA = 15.7dB (A).

3.Our production site:

Steel coils preparation

Putting rockwool material

Panel cutting

Panel edge fixing

4. Product specs:

Application Rock wool wall sandwich panels Rock wool  roofing sandwich panels
Model/Type 950/1150 960
Steel sheets thickness(mm): 0.30-0.70
Rock wool density(kg/m³): 80-150
Effected width(mm): 950/1150 960
Rock wool thickness(mm): 50/75/100/150/200
Length: Max 5.8m for 20GP container

Max 11.8m for 40GP/HQ container

Heat conduction system data(W/M².K): 0.04

5. Product Applications:

Widely used in steel plant, simple activities of the roof, walls, air clean room ceiling and partition. Rockwool sandwich panels, generally can be customized according to customer requirements Rock wool sandwich panels are the most fire-resistant sandwich panels in the most superior performance.

6.Product Packing&Loading&Unloading:


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