2023-09-28 Third-quarter employee birthday party

Today, Xiamen Shengqian Steel Technology Co., Ltd. held the third quarter staff birthday party.

On this special day, the company expresses our best wishes and best wishes to the employees for their birthdays in the third quarter.

Birthday is a special day for everyone.

On this day, we can feel the care and blessings of our relatives and friends, and also can reflect on the growth and harvest of the past year. Birthday is an important node, it reminds us to cherish the time, and constantly strive to pursue their dreams and goals.

At this moment, the company leaders said to the birthday employees in the third quarter: ” Happy birthday!” I hope you can feel the warmth and care of the company family on this day. As a big family, we have spent many days and nights together, working together, struggle together. Everyone is an important part of the development of the company. Your efforts and efforts have made a great contribution to the growth of the company.

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