Full standing seam aluminum roofing system introduction

steel warehouse buildings,railway station,natatorium,GYM,shopping center,some large-scale public building,etc.

Full standign seam aluminum roof(also called Al-Mg-Mn alloy plate/metal sheets) is one new kind of roofing plates,which the material adopt Al-Mg-Mn Alloy and widely used in many modern construction industry.We also called it Al-Mg-Mn alloy standing seam metallic roof system,which has completed accessories such as matching carrier with isolating pad, wind resistant clamp and adjustable adaptor etc. Roof plate can be formed and processed in site, all these make the roof waterproofing, wind resistant and easy to construct. This system will have a very broad application prospect for industrial building roof.Because this kind of metal sheets are moderates structure strength,weather fastness,stain resistant,easy to bending welding process,etc,which made it be recognized as long life more than 60years of roofing and wall materials.Also the good features make this kind of alloy metal sheets play an important role in the development of modern architecture to the comfortable,light-weight,durable,economic,environments protecting and other parties.

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