What Is The Deck Sheet

Floor deck sheets,is also known as profiled plate,steel deck,metal deck sheets,or bondek.The earliest name is known as profiled steel plate,because it is pressed by machine collectively.

The deck sheets is made of galvanized steel sheet,and mainly used as a permanent template for floor loading and can also be selected for other purposes.

The first type of profiled steel deck is mainly used for the roof of the plant roof, followed by the pressure for the floor after the gradual classification of steel known as the floor boards.

Different kinds of floor decking sheets:

There are 3 kinds of floor decking sheets,we called it as opened type floor deck sheets,closed type floor deck sheets and steel bar truss girders

Application of floor decking sheets:

Decking sheets is widely used for power plant,electric power equipment company,exhibiting hall,steel structure buildings,airport departure hall,stadium,grand theatres,hypermarket,logistics center etc.

Our model lists:

Closed type:

Steel bar truss girders:

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