Xiamen IPO Enterprises Association Was Founded,China Steel Material Company President Was Named Vice President

On 18th,FEB,2017,Xiamen IPO Enterprises association founding conference was hold ceremoniously,at the same time,the first time general meeting was hold smoothly in Luban buildings Huli district Xiamen city.Until here,IPO enterprises have their “own home”.

The association rules were voted through the meeting,and through election to determine the council,president,board of supervisors,and secretary-general etc.China steel new material company’s president Mr. Yang Peishun was voted as the vice president of Xiamen IPO Enterprises association.

China Steel New Material Technology Corp.  Ltd. (Stock abbreviation:China Steel New Material   Stock code:839777).The main business of China steel new material company is green new type construction material,which is steel bars truss decking sheets series’ products production, sales and service.Only using more than 3years,our business is covering over 20 cities in China,and the brand is among China top three.The product is widely used in high-rised buildings,municipal engineering,steel structure factories and light weigt steel villas,etc.

In 2014,China steel new material company integrated steel structure industry,and firstly created “Internet platform+”concept——China steel new material website,which is escalating and extending “User experience,Viscous products and Convenient service”,basically solving 3 big trading barriers “Information asymmetry,Difficult inter-district logistics and Unbalanced production& marketing relationship”and realizing “One-stop shopping,City of distribution and Cloud Data Management”operation modes,etc.Also this website is offering platform users  with creative service,such as“Synthetic orders, Coperative production, Equipment leasing and capital docking”,etc.

China steel new material company Mr. Yang Peishun,as association Xiamen IPO council vice president,he will take many years’ pragmatic innovation entrepreneurship to share China steel new material company stable development experience with other member companys.Also China steel new material company will take its responsibility to assist the society development.

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