Attended China steel structure industrial grand ceremony

Dec 15, 2016

During 11th to13th,DEC,China steel new material company was invited to attend China steel structure industrial grand ceremony&China steel structure meeting&2016 China steel structure exposition.This grand ceremony took professional communication and exhibition ways and was hold in Xiamen International Exhibition Hall,and attracted more than 600 industry elite to join this meeting.

The managing director and secretary of JSSC(Japan steel structure community) Mr. Nagada visited our booth.

China steel new material company integrated steel structure industry,and firstly created “Internet platform+”concept——China steel new material website,which is escalating and extending “User experience,Viscous products and Convenient service”,basically solving 3 big trading barriers “Information asymmetry,Difficult inter-district logistics and Unbalanced production& marketing relationship”and realizing “One-stop shopping,City of distribution and Cloud Data Management”operation modes,etc.Also this website is offering platform users  with creative service,such as“Synthetic orders, Coperative production, Equipment leasing and capital docking”,etc.Floor,Roof&Wall, without compromise;Upstream,Midstream&Downstream,with all our best.Our mind together,a total of camp and win-win.China steel new material,welcome you to walk together.

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