Attended Xiamen 9.8 International Investing& Trading Exhibition

China steel new material Technology Crop. CO. Ltd. took part in Xiamen 98 investment and cooperation forum,in order to help our industry development,creating national brand together.

Our people in 9.8 Exhibition

China steel new material Technology Crop. CO. Ltd. followed the “One belt and one road” exhibition strategy,and communicated with customers actively.This time we have received 327 person-time,and deeply received 103 person-time.

Customers from South Africa

China steel new material company is making its mission to help industry’s development,and creating national brand as target.At the same time,it mainly doing green steel structure and extending to environmental construction materials and buildings,which is taking Xiamen,Fujian as based,radiating nationwide and worldwide,committing to bring customer well-suited products,bringing win-win cooperation with partners,and leading industry to the normative road.

Floor,Roof&Wall,without compromise;Upstream,Midstream&Downstream,with all our best.Our mind together,a total of camp and win-win.China steel new material,welcome you to walk together.

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